Sunday, October 26, 2008

Cousins and Trunk or Treat

We interrupt our regularly scheduled old journal entries to bring you this news. My sister and her two kids came for a visit. They arrived Friday night and are leaving later this afternoon. They came for Morgan's birthday. Yay! He was SO happy to see his cousins!
Stephanie bought matching outfits for Morgan and Mattie.

Here's our cowboy Morgan! My mom sent a birthday gift for Morgan and we opened the package while Morgan was asleep and wrapped it for him. However, he got a cute outfit with a vest. We wanted a vest for Morgan. So, we DIDN'T wrap the vest because it went so well with his costume.

The cousins are ready to go to the ward Trunk-or-Treat. Anna is a princess and Mattie is a nerd or something. Stephanie had costumes for them all packed away in her suitcase, but she ended up leaving it outside at her apartment building while she went to work and it was stolen! So we improvised with what we had.

At the party. Morgan is ready to go get some candy! It was so warm yesterday! I wore a sweater and was getting hot. I hope Halloween is this nice!

But first we ate dinner. This was the first time that he had attempted to eat a hotdog the normal way. Boy was it messy! Oh, and though you can't see them very well, those are spurs he's got on his feet!


Stephanie said...

yes it was quite warm. Lovely. I don't really know what Matthias was either, hehe.

Jana Lee Bumblebee said...

Yep--Morgan with him Elmo pumpkin is going on the wall