Monday, October 27, 2008

Pumkin carving!

We got a pumpkin, (only one) and carved it Friday for date night. You know those kits that you get with books of patterns for the pumpkin? That's how I like to do mine, cause I know it will generally turn out cute, or frightening, or whatever. Aaron is morally opposed to them and thinks that to use them is to cheat. Yeah, well, if you are as creative and able as Aaron you can say that.
First Aaron sketched some ideas on paper. It was tough but we chose the winner. Then Aaron drew it on the pumpkin.

My job was to scoop out the guts. I later learned that I didn't do a very good job at my only job.

Then Aaron commenced the carving.

Then Stephanie and her kids arrived. When Aaron finished Steph posed with the jack-o-lantern
because they were kindred spirits. :)

Aaron made himself a head, in case he ever becomes the headless horseman.


Dean & Candice said...

Nice Job! I love the design! And from all the evidence I can see, you did a great job on the guts! :)

Stephanie said...

kindred spirit here. Just want it to be known that I don't always look like that.