Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Morgan didn't eat my amethysts! Sunday night I was having a group chat with my family. Our computer is in our bedroom, and since Morgan has to be where Mommy is, he was wondering around the room and making a mess of things, as he does. Then I noticed that he found my six little amethyst gems. Oh dear! I think he thought they were candy. As he was putting something in his mouth I jumped from the chair and shouted "No, no!" and he dashed away from me. So I searched and searched the carpet for the stones. Our carpet is kind of long and multi-colored. It's great because you can't tell when it's dirty. You also can' tell when there are little purple gems in it. Eventually I found four of the six. Aaron told me I should watch his poop if I wanted the other two. So helpful, he is.
Today I was vacuuming our bedroom, after another search for the gems. I was listening hard for a sound that might indicate a tiny rock being sucked up. But then lo and behold, a piece of tape with red fuzz on it! I had looked for this piece of tape as well. This piece of tape had secured the little gems into a small compartment in a jewelry box, a jewelry box lined with red velvety fuzz. The tape was far from where I'd found the other stones. But, stuck to the tape were the missing two amethysts! Yay!
I got the amethysts at a Nelson family reunion auction. There were many precious stones, ranging in value. (I don't think amethysts are worth much) I plan to, one day, put them in jewelry though. Like, say I ever have some daughters. It would be fun and special to make matching necklaces or rings or something, you know? Okay, there you go.

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Wayne said...

Glad to hear you found the stones. Happy day.