Thursday, October 23, 2008

Lesson Learned!

It was I who learned the lesson. So my post yesterday, about thinking jumping on the bed was harmless? It appears I was very wrong. It wasn't harmless for Morgan OR for inanimate objects.

Last night I was on the computer in our bedroom. Morgan came in and climbed up on the bed. Before I was even really tuned into the fact that he was jumping on it I hear a CRACK! Followed by Morgan's "I'm hurt" cry. I hardly ever hear that cry. Morgan is seriously tough. He cries plenty, but usually not in pain. So I hop on the bed and gather him up in my arms and hug and cuddle him to me. I was afraid to look for a wound, fearing it would be especially bad. While I held Morgan though, my gaze fell upon the molding around the window sill above the bed. It was broken on the corner!After about thirty seconds Morgan was done crying. I examined his head and easily discovered the goose egg forming on it. The picture doesn't do it justice. Oh, and it was taken like, a minute, after the accident. Can you see any tears on that happy face? After breaking the wood molding with his head, Morgan smiles!

It's a pretty impressive bump. Today it's scabbed and looks painful. So, while I learned my lesson, Morgan hasn't. He got up and started jumping again when he'd had enough comfort! This time I discouraged it though. When we went downstairs to show Daddy, Morgan wanted a hug from him and then touched his forehead and said, "hurt". Then he jumped all over the couch. *Sigh*

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