Thursday, October 9, 2008

Learning to dress

Lately Morgan has taken an interest in dressing and undressing himself. He still needs help, but I try to encourage his new independence. The other night while getting him ready for bed, I let him choose his pajamas. Actually, he INSISTED that he choose his pajamas. He choose little PJ shorts and a little summer one piece deal that was originally just an outfit that I decided would be pajamas. But it snaps at the bottom, removing any need for pants. Oh well, we just didn't snap it up.

While trying to let him figure it out no his own but also helping when I needed to, we ended up with this. We both thought it was funny.
Soon Morgan decided there was no humor in it after all and only wanted it to be fixed.
Mommy stepped in and helped him and our boy was much happier.

Now, on a completely unrelated note, a dream. Last night in my dream I was standing in one of our bathrooms talking to someone, (my sister?) when along comes Morgan. He walks up to the toilet, pulls down his pants, and goes potty, standing up.
This morning, (after I had awoken) I went to get Morgan out of his crib. Usually his diaper is pretty thoroughly soaked in the morning, but today it was completely dry. So, why not have him try sitting on his potty chair? He's usually happy to do so. So I set him down, and he goes through the motions of grunting and pushing, (which has never resulted in anything, he just does because I told him to one time) but soon he relaxes and voila! Pee! He points down into the little bowl, "water" he says. Mom is cheering and clapping and good boying and Morgan gets to flush the toilet after Mom empties the contents of his potty into it. And all is well with the world. (Except for wars, immorality, bail-outs and socialism taking over our "free" country.)
Now I think Morgan finally understands what I want from him when I have him sit on his potty. Not that I think he'll be out of diapers in the next couple weeks or anything, but we are on our way to starting to think about maybe potty training in the future sometime when the time is right. :)


Jana Lee Bumblebee said...

Cartwheels all around, I say!!!! He's made an important connection--sort of like Helen Keller when she finally comprehended the feel of water = water spelled in her hand. (Just watched that movie)

Give yourself mommy points for catching the opportune moment.

-----By the way, Chanel will be babysitting Arielle this weekend at our house. If Stephanie wants to come over and go through the clothes bag, she's welcome. Just call Chanel and let her know. The bag is in my bedroom.
I haven't seen all the clothes available because my friend has them stacked in tubs in her garage.
Lots of heavy lifting to access.

Erin said...

Did you get my invite to view my new blog??
Let me know.

Melanie said...

Erin, I totally DIDN'T get the invite. How will I let you know though? I guess I could go through Jessica again. :) Maybe I gave her the wrong email address or something. It's