Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Scarecrow Festival

It sure does pay to have a connection at Thanksgiving Point. They are always doing fun family things. Yesterday my Aunt called and asked if Morgan and I wanted to go to the Scarecrow Festival there. Morgan was young enough to be free and they got me a pass in. Yeah!
So we went and hung out with my twelve year old cousin, Laura. The day was BEAUTIFUL! We started with all the big jump houses and slides and such.

In a jump house

A view of only SOME of the MANY free things they had.
This is how Morgan landed coming down one of the slides. :)

While he may not look excited, he wanted to do this one again and again.

We got a balloon hat made for him while he was waiting in line with us. It was a LONG line, so I hoped it would entertain him for awhile. It really didn't. He was too impatient at this point.

We were in line for one of these. I found this picture on the internet, but we did something identical. And the line took forever. We were waiting for two hours! Morgan did AWESOME for the first hour. But by the time we were one of the next to go he had a meltdown. It was 7:00 and he was hungry and tired and mad.

Then it was Morgans turn. We'd seen other little kiddos his age doing it and I was excited for Morgan's turn. However, once he was all strapped in he started crying and reaching for me. Two hours in line for that?!? He was very interested when we first got in line, and I think he would have really enjoyed it if he weren't already grumpy.

So Laura went, then I took a turn. Unfortunately the battery on my camera died right after the above picture. I took some on my phone, but they didn't turn out at all. It was pretty fun, except for the straps that dug into my upper thigh. It still hurts there. I did back flips and stuff. I couldn't manage a front flip though.
Look at the picture of the trampolines and bungees. We jumped as high as the poles went. Pretty cool.


Nancy said...

I know the pain. I did this about a month ago. The harness does not leave comfortable imprints. And walking the next day seemed a little more difficult. The back flips were so fun! I tried a front flip and was not so successful. Man, next time I'm in the States, I need to make my way to Thanksgiving Point! It looks so fun!

Jana Lee Bumblebee said...

That is one strange contraption. What does it feel like (besides the pain)? It is scarey or mostly fun?
Remember how Morgan liked that jumpy thing at the house in Oceanside? If he had been in a good mood, would he have gone to town on this too?

OK---YES! we are coming for Thanksgiving. Unless there is snow. I'm against snow. I'm totally against driving in it. I am mostly against winter.

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