Saturday, October 11, 2008

It's working!

So, ever since the morning a couple days ago Morgan has been asking to go to the bathroom. Yay! He never actually goes, but every time I change his diaper he wants to go on the potty. Great. So I let him sit on his potty for a while. It's very cute, he'll say "working" which I take to mean, "Hey, it's not working!" or he'll look into the little potty and say "Please, please" like he wants to be successful so badly, but doesn't know how to make it work.
This morning I got him up and was changing his diaper and he had a fit when I tried to put another on him. Then I realized that he wanted to go to to his potty. So I took him. After a little while he went a tiny bit and was so excited. Then he peed a lot more and was even more excited. And so was I. I gave him praise and a sucker as a treat, (before breakfast!) from a stash that I had put in the bathroom drawer to entice him to use the potty. I think Morgan really likes the idea of going to the bathroom in his potty, so maybe this potty training thing will happen early for him. I wouldn't mind!


Jana Lee Bumblebee said...

Give Mr Smart a hug and kiss for me.

Nancy said...

This is so exciting! Jaron is getting very interested in the potty as well. He's motivated by Spongebob stickers. We haven't had any success yet, but he tries. yay!

Sara said...

That's awesome! Definitely go off that excitement! Mason started off excited and I didn't really go with it as much as I should. Took me six more months and finally a week of potty boot camp to get him trained. I don't wish that on anyone!