Tuesday, October 14, 2008


After six months in the ward we are finally getting a calling. Aaron and I are both going to be teaching the little Sunbeams. Teaching three year olds will be a different experience for Aaron. I don't know if he's very excited. While we were in the bishops office accepting the call, Morgan points to a picture of the prophet hanging on the wall and says, "Monson, Monson!" It was actually the bishopric member who realized what he was saying. He was very impressed. So was I! I'd pointed him out in pictures and during conference, but I didn't know Morgan remembered! Way to go Morgan! He can also identify temples in pictures. I think he must have learned that one in nursery.
Yesterday Aaron got up at his normal 4:45 to go to work. He got ready and went and sat in the Smith's parking lot to wait for the vanpool, as usual. It didn't show. Neither did any other people who would normally be there waiting for the vanpool. So he came home, looked at his work calendar and saw that the day was darkened out, meaning a holiday. Aaron had the day off and didn't know it! Was it Columbus Day? So, about an hour after getting up, he went back to bed. What a nice surprise!
Oh, and waking up to snow is so unpleasant so early in October! Where's our Autumn?

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Jana Lee Bumblebee said...

Yay for Morgan! I like hearing he's beginning to learn about important stuff.

So......Columbus day off? grrrrr I'm jealous.

good luck with sunbeams. Remember with that age, you have to vary your teaching techniques as often as they are old. In other words, switch to a new thing every 3-4 minutes. However they ddo love repitition, so you can repeat through several cycles. song, story, game, hands-on activity, field trip, treat, repeat repeat