Sunday, October 5, 2008

The true confessions of a Mormon teen

May 5 2001
Ah, my best friend growing up, Laurie. Pretty and flirty and fun. And then me. Plain and shy. *sigh*
"All the guys I originally like, like Laurie! Every single one! That she knows anyway. Just once I would like a guy come to me instead of Laurie. It doesn’t even have to be instead, it could be just if a guy like me. I need a pity party because no guys like me: Never been kissed, never been on a date, never even been flirted with! What’s up with that? Am I that ugly."

May 6, 2001
"Today in church we had a lesson about writing in your journal. She said it was good for posterity. I never thought I would have great great Grandchildren reading about me. I am not a pioneer. My journal is so boring. It’s only about trips to Utah basically. Plus, half the stuff I write is so embarrassingly ridiculous. If I go back and read things I realize how stupid I was when I was younger. In a couple of years I’ll read about my 16 yr. old life and realize how stupid I am now. Oh well."

May 20, 2001
"The guys were kind of cute. Shh, don’t tell mom, one of them had a tattoo, and she would think me evil if I thought someone was cute with a tattoo."
Hah! Mom, do you think I'm evil? Tee hee. Also, pretty much every guy I saw was potentially cute. These ones made the cut because I thought I was the object of some looks and attention from them. :)

May 27. 2001
I fell in love with Heath Ledger when I watched A Knights Tale. Loved the movie, loved the actor. This was my first honest to goodness movie crush and I looked up pictures of him on the internet and read articles about him in magazines and so forth.
"I memorized his bio. Not on purpose. I only read through it, like, twice. If only I were this interested in school. I could learn lots more."
Then a little later I have this to say.
"I hope my future husband never reads this. He would know how crazy I am and then divorce me. I wouldn’t want that."


Jana Lee Bumblebee said...

Aaron, do not divorce Melanie because of Heath Ledger. Every girl in America got a crush from that movie.

Melanie, what you wrote back then is so typical and so precious. You've simply got to have teenage daughter someday to read it so she can know what normal angst is like.

Aaron said...

Besides, he died. No threat.

jjertmann said...

Hehe, these are hilarious.

keith and arianne said...

These are so funny, I love it!

Tiffany Vincent said...

Keep the journal posting comming! They are great!