Sunday, October 19, 2008

I heart missionaries. At least, I DID

September 14, 2001
Every significant missionary encounter I had is written with great detail in my journal. The forbidden crush. But a good crush. You know that the Elders aren't allowed to like you back, so you don't worry about that. In fact, if they DID, they would immediately be less appealing because they aren't focused on what they should be. So, forbidden, yet, safe, crush. Here is an account of one of those times.
"I was down stairs. Then the doorbell rings. I immediately thought it was the missionary’s. Then I remembered that they don’t have a car anymore. So I changed my mind. Still, I took my hair out of the sloppy ponytail I had it in, so it wouldn’t look so bad. Then I snuk up half the way up the stairs, peaked out the window at the same time that Jason answered the door, and saw Elder Anderson standing there! I couldn’t believe it. I hurry back downstairs and start frantically brushing my hair. Jason came down then and said, “Uh, what are you doing?” “Brushing my hair!” I squeeked. Then Jason, “The missionary’s are here." He, along with the rest of the family would call me obsessed with all missionaries. But I’m not, not all anyway. So I said, “I know.” That was why I was brushing my hair. Then I said “What do they want?” “You.” I squeel. Quietly though, so the Elders don’t hear me. “What did they say?” I inquire. “Is Melanie here.” Oh! They know my name. Elder Sondrup, who has confessed to being bad with names, remembers mine! Exciting!"
I went up and talked to them about a friend of mine whom they'd had some contact with and who had shown some interest in the church. She was interested, but her parents were discouragers, so nothing came of it.
"When I was talking, my voice was so shakey, it sounded like I was going to cry. I was like, nervous, my heart was beating all fast. Maybe it was because Elder Sondrup was looking so good today. ☺ He was. As they left Elder Anderson shook my hand, then Elder Sondrup did again. Oh, Giddy"
I get so excited over handshakes! How funny.


kura2025 said...

I loved my missionary crushes...something about that badge made most everyone cuter. It was a sad day when I realized I was older than pretty much every missionary out there.

Jana Lee Bumblebee said...

So Jason knew you had missionary crushes? That is way dangerous information for a brother to have. I hope you had some equal blackmail goods on him.

Melanie said...

My whole family knew I had missionary crushes. The missionaries probably knew too, to be honest. I wasn't one for keeping things like that quiet. Really, the thought never crossed my mind to be worried about brothers knowing my crushes. They might tease me about them, (which I would probably enjoy, because I loved to talk about any crush) but I didn't fear the word would get out about it.

Treasa said...

I love your journal entries! I may have to steal your idea and start posting some of mine.